The Totalhealth Pharmacy customer App streamlines prescription orders, connects with pharmacists, and enhances digital capabilities


App Design designed and built a tailored application for Totalhealth Pharmacies. The user-friendly interface allows customers to effortlessly order and re-order prescriptions, connect with their pharmacist, and access vital offer information.

The seamless integration with a web-based system empowers individual Pharmacy Stores to interact with customers. App Design’s commitment to delivering a functional and user-centric solution has enhanced the digital capabilities at Totalhealth Pharmacies.

App Features

User Convenience

Manage medicines. Connect with preferred pharmacy via app. Prescription ordering and notification service. Book appointments, Get online health advice.

Loyalty Promotions

Record and track user loyalty points and gain access to discounts.

Purchase and order retail

Order retail items online.

  • Live messaging service Enhancing patient-pharmacy connectivity through real-time communication. Providing interaction for prescription inquiries, medication guidance, and health-related queries.
  • Web based Admin Streamlining tasks such as inventory management, order processing, and prescription. Efficient and organised workflow management.
  • Reporting Comprehensive reporting tools, enabling insights into pharmacy performance, patient trends, and medication adherence.
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