iPad App Development

iPad App Development

Are you interested in an iPad App Development project for you or your business? At AppDesign.ie we have developed several market disrupting iPad solutions for our business clients.
iPad App Development


We know what works best on an iPad or other tablet. An iPad App Development project offers a business endless possibilities when building on the native iOS platform. Apple sold 54 million iPad’s in 2015. To date over 290 million iPad’s have been sold!


Since the iPad launched in 2010, Apple has upgraded the tablet on a yearly basis, producing a new version each fall. In 2015, Apple did not upgrade the iPad Air 2, instead focusing on releasing the iPad Pro and the iPad mini 4. Combined with the minor update the iPad mini 2 received in 2014, Apple may be signaling its intention to update its iPads on an 18-month to two-year schedule going forward.


As more and more people embrace tablets over the now defunct PC and to a much lessor degree laptops have you considered how an iPad App Development project might help your business by:


–  Streamlining sales cycles


–  Improve production processes


–  Boosting sales


Call AppDesign.ie today to discuss how our iPad App Developers might have a mobile software solution for your business.