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Mobile game app development, what’s the big fuss anyway?


Have you at any point considered how an insane game like PUBG Mobile came to such crazy high notoriety? The gaming community is a tremendous sea and the new mobile gaming apps that have the capacity to draw in the clients, make a fierce blaze in the midst of it while other applications just lay there practically imperceptible to the gamers.


Embarking on the development of a game app which makes such a lightning impact on the crowd is a reachable goal given, that the right strategies for game development are considered of course.


The immense classes of games in the market make it truly hard to sort out which kind of game app will make gamers pause and rest in amazement. Whether will it be a match 3 game like Candy Crush or a time absorber like Sonic Dash? Who can say for sure?


Proper game app development market research will take care of you in figuring that, really at that time you will actually want to draw out a versatile model for your game app.


Before starting your game app development journey, you’ll need a brief insight on the following key component in getting started.

Market Research

Understanding the marketplace for your business. To begin with, you can check out the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to scope out the competition, as both stores are brimming with a wide variety of game apps

The concept idea of the game app

Expand on strong game app thoughts, centre around what individuals are keen on and develop your game app in view of that. Survey your thoughts based on their amusement, instinct and engagement.


The thought is to channel what the game app will resemble and where everything is put making sense of the reason for every single button and element inside the mobile game app.

Register as a developer

When you have your thought fleshed out, the next stage is to sign up for your developer accounts. Account setups such as this will be detailed by your account manager within App Design, they will guide you through all the requirements.

Hire a developer

Game developers are the backbone here at App Design, the first step is to provide us with your concept and hopes for the game app. The dev team will investigate what’s required for the development of your mobile game app. Once fully fleshed out and everything is in the agreement is when the fun begins!

Testing & Feedback are key

Exhaustive testing of your game app is not one of the most tasks you will have in this process. Without testing every function, feature and button throughout the game app there's no way to know how the app will behave in a live environment with users. The more detailed feedback the better experience the game app users will eventually have.

Take feedback and improve

Exhaustive testing of your game app is one of the most important tasks you will have in the app development process. Without testing every function, feature and button throughout the game app there's no way to know how the app will behave in a live environment with users. The more detailed feedback the better experience the game app users will eventually have.


After the testing and all the different iterations of the app are sifted through for what becomes your game app. The final and perhaps the most crucial task is uploading the app to its respective stores and launching it. There's a variety of ways to get the word out of course, such as a social media campaign, radio & TV adverts but it's the same old tricks that work best. And that's word of mouth, the better the app performs out the gate the more gamers will talk about it and when the gaming community talks they really talk.

I have a game app idea and questions, can you help?

1. I’m not a very techy person but I want to develop a mobile game app. How will you help me to develop my app?

The first step in making your mobile game app dream a reality is by contacting our office to speak to one of our Project Analysts or by dropping us an email with what you have in mind.

2. Do you have an in-house design team for my mobile game app?

Indeed, we have an in-house team group who are masters with marking, UI and UX planning.

3. What are the various classifications of mobile game apps?

There are assorted classes of games open to meet the preferences and inclinations of gamers today. A portion of the eminent ones incorporates activity, instruction, arcade, board, puzzle, gambling club, dream sports and so forth. The more the requests for games, the expansion in the class of interactive experiences.

4. Which platform would it be advisable for us to focus on to launch my mobile game app, Android or iOS?

With the developing fame of both iPhone and Android mobile devices, we highly recommend you launch your mobile game app on Android as well as in iOS.

5. How will my mobile game app make generate revenue?

There are two or three different ways through which you can produce income from your mobile game app. Choices like in-app buys, membership models, paywalls, and promotions can be profited to adapt your playable substance.

6. Would it be advisable for us to develop the mobile game app for Android and the iPad variant for iOS?

Indeed, providing that you have the financial plan flexibility; you can have a specific tablet and iPad form of the application. Wich of course casts a much wider net for your mobile game app.

7. How might I follow the progress throughout the game app project?

We will give you admittance to the project management tool Basecamp that we use alongside a direct line to your Account Manager, email and Skype ID to follow the advancement all through the venture.

8. What sort of assistance can be offered through the entire mobile game app development process?

To guarantee a smooth work process of the project we will convey a devoted Account Manager who will be the fundamental contact individual. In light of the nature and extent of your ventures, we give scope to consolidate changes and work towards meeting your business points and goals. This separate from the mobile game app launch we offer a variety of support and maintenance options and solutions to provide your mobile game app with the best foot forward.

9. What are the suitable platforms for VR Game app development?

VR games are at present one of the moving ones concerning elements and functionalities. Different mobile game apps of numerous types are being made utilizing VR innovation to make dreams a reality. Aside from the innovative viewpoints, VR-based games are exceptionally advanced with great visuals to help the adrenaline surge of the players across the globe.

10. What is the best cross-stage SDK for game application improvement?

Unity is likely one of the most outstanding cross-stage SDKs accessible today to make the substance unmistakable yet habit-forming. We take care of business with this apparatus to make mobile games famous as far as moving elements and functionalities.

We understand the stringent guidelines Gaming App Development has to adhere to


Mobile gaming is a huge market for potential revenue. They have inspired millions to take an initiative in mobile game development. According to Admob, 62% of smartphones users install a game within the first week of purchasing their device. This represents an immense market potential.


Developing a successful mobile game is no cake walk. For creating a profitable game, you need to study your target markets, create an engaging gameplay and strategically monetize it. We at App Design understand the sringent guidelines Gaming App Development has to adhere to.

We work with you at every stage of the software development process


We will advise on best practice when it comes to developing a game on the iOS platform, Android or Windows platforms.
Our in-house team of iOS, Android and Windows Gaming App Developers have over 30 years experience between them developing complex native applications.


iOS is the platform of choice for many organisations deciding to develop an Enterprise application for their business. iOS is also the platform of choice for many game developers and companies as the possibilities and graphics are superior to other platforms available today. Some industry tech leaders note the best apps always appear on the Apple App Store first before migrating across to other platforms. The simple facts are iOS users spend more on apps that their Android counterparts. We have iOS App Developers available today to help create and build your iOS Enterprise App or game application.

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Based out of Galway, Ireland, App Design has the Gaming App Developers you need to create the best possible app for your company. We focus on transparent communication with our analysts and design team so you get the right app at a competitive price. Contact us today to learn more about designing the right app for your team.