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If you or your business wants to reach a local, national or international audience developing
 an App, We can provide instant access to millions of people through one dedicated channel.

We believe in getting to know all our clients closely. We strive to understand your business, products and ambitions so we can deliver the best Mobile App Design service to suit your requirements. We give you direct access to your team which allows communication to flow smoothly.

We work with trusted brands that trust us. We take pride in our work and have the same goals as you – to see you be successful.

We are very strategic here at App Design. We don’t waste time. We don’t create layers of process that can slow down work. We simply focus on your goals and provide a talented team to reach them. When your priorities change, we change with you. Our pricing is based on your goals and budget, which allows us the flexibility to focus on your highest priority items, at all times.

Looking for mobile app developers in Dublin?

Are you looking for app developers? Our expert development team are highly skilled to bring our clients in Dublin’s dreams into reality. In the ever-expanding and sometimes confusing world that is software development, our developers are always on hand to resolve app queries. Be warned though as the undertaking of creating a mobile app is no small feat, you may not believe the shocking fact that more than 50% of all mobile apps available today will have to be entirely replaced or rewritten over the next two years.

It’s absolutely crazy to think that within two years your mobile app could become obsolete, that is of course without the specialist guidance of our developers. Providing software solutions, maintaining backend systems, and coming up with creative and innovative ideas are just some of the services our developers offer our clients in Dublin. Over the years the mobile app team have encountered every request and query you can imagine, as you might expect from serving the greater Dublin area we have a very diverse clientele.


What could prevent my mobile app from being successful you may ask, our developers had this to say….

Many Dublin based business websites and web apps function in a typical fashion – a user logs in, maneuvers through numerous pages until they locate the page they are seeking and execute their desired action.

Mobile apps however are a completely different ball game, they are designed, developed and built to run a limited number of functions and allow Users to perform these functions quickly with minimum navigation. Our developers believe mobile apps should be convenient portals to the wider availability of each business or website.

According to our developers, almost all of our Dublin based clients make the common mistake of expecting their mobile app to cost next to nothing. Similar to building a house, unexpected obstacles can arise resulting in additional costs.

To make things even more difficult, finding quality mobile app developers is not an easy task in Dublin. Luckily our highly skilled mobile app developers are always looking for new projects in the hope of being at the helm of the next big thing.

As with many of the mobile apps our developers create for our Dublin based clients, there is often a substantial amount of time and money spent creating a mobile app only for the client to realize the mobile app hasn’t taken the world by storm as hoped. Shockingly, over 75% of the mobile apps developed all over the world are installed and used only once and then left to gather dust.

Many factors influence whether a mobile app will take off and be downloaded, whether there is a market for the app or if a similar service or competitor mobile apps already exist. The launch of the app and its social media presence play a large part, especially in today’s modern world. It’s crucial to assemble evaluations and feedback from users forthwith when the mobile app is released. The more regular updates and bug fixes are provided to users the more likely the reviews and ratings will be generated and nothing makes our developers happier than to see our Dublin based client mobile app performing well upon launch.

Difficulties of mobile app marketing

There is no point in sugar-coating the fact that creating a mobile app is costly and a black hole for time, as our developers and our clients throughout Dublin will attest, only when the lengthy mobile app development process is completed does that difficulty really start. The development phase itself can be a struggle, clients request the impossible on a daily basis and without the background knowledge of the process, it can be challenging to get certain elements over the line. Luckily our developers have a habit of pulling off the impossible, the only thing they can’t help with however is gaining credibility or exposure in the apps’ respective industries. As with every avenue in life, there are competitors and in such a saturated landscape of mobile apps, it’s no small feat to get a leg up over the opposition.

A strongly formulated social media campaign is usually the first port of call when it comes to a mobile app launch, print ads in local and national newspapers and magazines, along with radio and TV ads if the budget can accommodate them. Of course, the old favorite word of mouth has a big part to play too, the power of people and small talk is not to be dismissed. Credibility adds a noticeable influence to the mixing pot, at the end of the day in this modern world there’s a lot to be said for a mobile app that is handy and just makes sense. App awards play a big part in new apps’ perceived integrity and reliability, even just being nominated provides the mobile app with an additional layer of exposure previously unavailable. When the mobile app wins awards this also adds another layer of previously unattainable exposure with the awards badge taking pride of place on the respective store listings.

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Our partnership with App Design significantly enhanced operational efficiency. Their expertise, proactive communication, and client-focused approach made the process seamless. The crafted application meets our needs, reflecting their commitment to quality. App Design's attention to detail ensures scalability for future growth. We appreciate their dedication and positive impact on our operations, recommending them for reliable and innovative software solutions.


"App Design designed and built a tailored application for Totalhealth Pharmacies. The user-friendly interface allows customers to effortlessly order and re-order prescriptions, connect with their pharmacist, and access vital offer information. The seamless integration with a web-based system empowers individual Pharmacy Stores to interact with customers. App Design's commitment to delivering a functional and user-centric solution has enhanced the digital capabilities at Totalhealth Pharmacies."

Totalhealth Pharmacies

"App Design successfully integrated Volkswagen Bank with one of the worlds top CRM systems, showcasing their tech expertise in developing custom APIs for a major insurance company. This project underscored App Design's dedication to effective software solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient connection for users navigating the integration."

Volkswagen Bank

"We contacted Colm and the App Design team with the idea to develop a unique iOS enterprise application and web service for both our customers and staff to offer improved transparency in the car rental sector. Colm’s professional approach and ability to understand our objective made for a simple and straightforward process which is clearly reflected in our now integral Hertz Vehicle Pre-Inspection (VPI) app. The level of support received from Colm and the App Design team continues to impress . I would have no hesitation in recommending App Design for your app development and web design needs."

Bryan Goldsmith

"App Designs were great to work with. We set out with Crumlin Children’s hospital to design an App that would help patients with Cystic Fibrosis to better manage their complex treatment on an ongoing basis. We have had a very positive response since we made the App available and we can fully attest to the professionalism of App Design who made this project possible. We are now expanding the App to other CF hospital centres because of patient demand."

Philip Watt – CEO

"We choose App Design due to their in-depth knowledge of App development and experience working with top Irish companies. Their straight talking approach to our project helped us clearly define the objectives of our App and ensure we were delivering the right features to our customers. The OCR technology that App Design provided for our app is second to none, they worked to ensure all cards could be read easily and most importantly accurately by the app. We were delighted with the development and project team at every stage of the project and look forward to our next project together."

Charlie – eCommerce Manager

"We were very impressed with the work Colm and the App Design team have done and invited them to meet with us to explore how best to develop an idea but limit the data to a certain market. Colm’s professional approach and technical knowledge helped progress this idea and his support with the design was a big help. Our company will be happy to use App Design going forward and recommend him to other companies."

Grainne Hogan

"App Design has been an ideal partner that we entrusted to bring our company to the next level…without breaking our budget. Colm and his team have been so supportive and took away a lot of the difficulties we thought we would encounter with App development. If you’re looking for a dedicated team for your project look no further!"

Michael Ferguson – Finance Manager

"Honestly, getting in contact with the guys at App Design was probably one of the best decisions I could have made, it’s very easy for a company to say that they can deliver a product, but to deliver and exceed expectations at every stage is a rare quality and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks again to everyone at the App Design team."

Barry Moroney – Founder

"A professional team and service of the highest standard all across the board. App Design advise and guide you step by step through the entire process, and through their expertise, make the biggest of challenges very manageable and achievable. An A1 service and I look forward to working with the team again in the near future."

Gearoid Mullins – Designer & Owner

"The first step to success was choosing App Design to turn my idea into a reality. They provided concise information and guided me through each process from quotation to delivery. In particular, Jonathon Melling is a great account manager, he reassured and delivered throughout the entire project. Thanks again to all the App Design team, I can’t recommend them enough."

Hilary Moran – Founder

"Prior to working with App Design, I was unsure that the idea would work and nearly gave up on it. Throughout the Process App Design, were on hand to assist with the steep learning curve. There was a lot to learn and a lot of technical terms and jargon to decipher. Overall I found App Design to be very trustworthy and my Project Manager, Ryan, was very decisive and easy to deal with."

Mark O’Donovan – Founder

"App Designs knowledge and understanding of the little & large details is phenomenal. They are experts in what they do and that is to make great apps and their customers happy!"

Bobby Smith – IT Manager

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