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Are Your Apps Currently Up To Scratch?

If you’re running a business, are you confident that its apps are currently up to scratch? Whether you’re onboarding new software or you’re introducing wearable devices, it doesn’t hurt to have a team of experts analyze your current processes.

At App Design, we work with organizations around the world to enhance their use of applications. From IOS app development to creating Android apps. If you want to make the most of your current app usage, there’s a chance we can help.

Seamless App Integration is Everything

All great businesses evolve. Whether it’s in line with trends or because of expansion, while your organization’s needs change, so should your approach to software.

When you’re dependent on certain software packages, switching to something else can feel disruptive. Initially, that may seem odd if you’re bringing new software on board with the aim of making your business more efficient. However, if that new software doesn’t automatically integrate with your legacy packages, you’ll need to find ways to make sure it does.
As Android app developers who also specialize in IOS, we’re perfectly positioned to help you out.

Bespoke Customer Resource Management (CMR)

Let’s say you choose to add a bespoke Customer Resource Management (CRM) app to your arsenal. Although custom CRM apps are excellent for tracking and utilizing data, adding one to your business will require you to ensure it works with existing software packages. At App Design, we bear this in mind when acting as app developers for our clients. With the use of middleware, we can make sure the old and the new work seamlessly alongside one another.

In terms of benefits, this can save you and your IT department hours of hassle. You won’t need to manually integrate, which means you can head straight to using your new app. In addition to making sure old and new software work alongside one another, as one of the best app developers in Ireland, we can integrate data sources.

Using custom-tailored CRM as an example again, this means you can get straight to using the new app without too much human input.

App Integration
Makes Your Work Seamless

If you’re looking for an app that’ll pull all your everyday apps together to streamline how you work, we can do that too. From instantly copying important emails to your cloud storage to integrating customer data into graphs, there’s a solution out there for every business need.

When you spend less time clicking between apps, you’ll spend more time on the important elements of your business.
Being able to utilize such functions often means that mobile app development costs are outstripped by the productivity benefits.