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Strategic and Technical Consultancy

Strategic and technical consultancy that results in custom app creation

We Are Experts in the Mobile Software Development Industry

So you know you want an app for your business and you have a rough idea of what it should include, but you’re not sure what you want exactly. That’s where our strategic and technical mobile apps consultancy services come in.

As experts in the mobile software development industry, we’ve worked with major brands from around the world, including Hertz. No matter what phase of your app’s design you’re at, we can start the consultancy process to discover what you want. The consultancy process covers all areas of expertise, including iPad development.

Alongside looking at what you want, we’ll also examine what your business needs. Taking part in the digital revolution often means harnessing trends so they work in your favor. As an Irish app development company, we leverage current trends wherever possible and work them to our clients’ advantage.

Custom Mobile App Development

How Strategic And Technical Consultancy Works?

Every business’s strategic and technical consultancy journey starts with an initial meeting. During that meeting, our app developers will see where you stand digitally and help you form a plan to move into the future. This includes focusing on the operating systems and devices you prefer.

For example, if you want iOS app development AND Android app development, or iPad development only. No matter how niche it is, we’re happy to help.

Once your developers know more about you, they’ll go away and design an app that complements where your business is right now and where you want it to be in the future. Each solution is innovative and efficient, which means we’ll focus on creating an effective app that doesn’t blow through your budget.

After your app has been created and you’ve approved it, we can provide ongoing servicing and support. One of the biggest benefits of custom app development is that we can reshape it so it changes in line with your business.

Wearable Apps

Do you suspect your business could muscle in on the wearable apps market? According to Statista, wearable apps generated 19.35 billion dollars in revenue throughout the United States in 2017 and that figure is set to rise beyond 72 billion dollars by 2022. With stats like that, it’s clear that wearable apps are both successful and popular.

Although many associate such software with fitness devices, there are lots of other industries that use them:

Safety: For example, devices you can attach to a child’s schoolbag for safety purposes.
Health and medicine: Such as apps that measure arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation.
Aviation: Such as task recording accuracy apps used by engineers.

When you’re prepared to think outside the box, it’s clear that wearable apps can apply to most industries. Some organizations also like to use them to make field working easier, as well as to streamline data collection.

Wearable Devices

How Do Wearable Applications Slot Into Everyday Business Practices?

One example of how wearable apps can benefit most businesses is through the easy access of data. Professionals such as realtors and financers can find themselves in situations where they’re at a client’s office or in a meeting and they need to access information quickly. With the right app, it’s possible to ping that information securely to a smartwatch, reducing the need to carry a laptop around while keeping data secure. When using such practices, the right mobile software development can make life easier for yourself and your employees.

Similarly, employees in certain sectors could benefit from the security that comes with wearing a GPS device connecting to certain mobile apps. For those who need to work in dangerous areas, those who are traveling long distances, and professionals who work in compromising situations, GPS monitoring is an excellent way to track safety and alert other people to potential problems.
In industries where sending pictures instantly is crucial – such as insurance – the right app allows employees to do so without breaching any data protection laws. With wearable devices having such a sharp predicted trajectory, it’s clear there’s plenty of scope for app development in this area.

Why Is App Design Right For You?

At App Design, we offer app design services to businesses around the world. As the most dependable app developers in Ireland, we’re always here to meet our clients’ security, IoT, and CRM needs. Whether you’re a flourishing startup or you’re already booming, our design team is here to meet your software needs. To learn more, call us on +353 (0) 91 393 310 or contact us here.