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So you know you want an app for your business and you have a rough idea of what it should include, but you’re not sure what you want exactly. That’s where our strategic and technical mobile apps consultancy services come in.

As experts in the mobile software development industry, we’ve worked with major brands from around the world, including Hertz.

No matter what phase of your app’s design you’re at, we can start the consultancy process to discover what you want. The consultancy process covers all areas of expertise, including iPad development.

Alongside looking at what you want, we’ll also examine what your business needs. Taking part in the digital revolution often means harnessing trends so they work in your favor. As an Irish app development company, we leverage current trends wherever possible and work them to our clients’ advantage.

App Development Consultancy, how it can help your company grow

An app development consultant administration gives profound programming advancement experience and information to meet client-specific objectives. They offer improved work processes, prompting better business choices.

App development consultant administrations in view of the degree of accommodation and the potential for cost reserve funds. Measurements demonstrate the veracity of this: the extended size of the IT consulting administrations market is normal to reach $382 billion by 2025.

From this article, you will realize what app development consultant services are and what they can mean for your business processes.

What are App development consulting services?

We should begin by making sense of what app development consultants actually do. An app development consultant gives profound programming improvement experience and information to meet association explicit business objectives. It for the most part conveys administrations to improve work processes, prompting better business choices. These services are given explicitly by the app developers. In any case, no matter what the innovation, programming, or extra apparatuses, an improved and fit-for-reason programming arrangement that makes long-haul business esteem are exceptionally pursued. In general, app development consulting administrations ought to have the option to figure out your exceptional necessities and expect your prerequisites. Along these lines, an outsider assessment built with specialized skills will assist with working with the work process, which will further improve the whole app development cycle. It merits adding that app consulting organizations are frequently ready to give fundamental IT re-appropriating administrations. In this situation, the earlier specialist organization changes to a product improvement organization with an enthusiastic improvement group.

What does an App Development Consultant actually do?

App development consultants are generally IT experts with a foundation being developed or a comparative business experience. At the point when you choose to enlist an App development consultancy firm, its principal work is to prescribe a definitive specialized answer to help the association in taking care of issues and meeting the organization’s targets.

Nonetheless, the job of a product expert isn’t simply a question of making proposals. They are associated with numerous exercises connected with the product project, such as:

Gathering business-related data and prerequisites. App consulting experts need to have a ton of familiarity with the basic business. This incorporates the area of business, the business, and the work process.

Suggesting a satisfactory launch/roll-out. In view of the information gathered, the consultant needs to choose the ideal arrangement that meets the organization's requirements with existing assets.

Cooperating with development groups and administering the app development process. Assume a change should be carried out without any preparation. All things considered, the app development expert works with designers to screen the whole improvement interaction and demand the right vision for the eventual outcome. It additionally happens that the app development organization has the gifted experts and experience to give IT administration itself. In this methodology, the organization might work as an app development organization, as we do at App Design.

How to hire an App development Consulting Firm?

It’s occasionally difficult to stay aware of innovative changes inside the association. Furthermore, employing a product expert could appear to be an incredible method for defeating these hardships. Yet, just under one condition – assuming you pick the right organization that will meet the business necessities. How to settle on the ideal choice? Center around these viewpoints:

  • Take as much time as necessary on strong statistical surveying. Actually, look at a few organizations and conclude which one is your nearest match.
  • Request proposals and contextual analyses. It will allow you to follow the record of past ventures that the organization has partaken in and assess their responsibility.
  • Go for esteem rather than cost. Base your decision on the nature of the administration, not the cost. Assuming your financial plan is restricted, adjust the value for money approach.
  • Guarantee that your correspondence styles are viable. Get some information about their correspondence processes. Having the option to convey all-around ok in a similar language has an enormous effect.
  • Secure your licensed innovation by marking an NDA and composed agreement.
  • Finding the right and believed accomplice is dependably a test. Yet, when you beat that test, you could acquire an incredible resource and market advantage for your business.

Wearable Apps

Do you suspect your business could muscle in on the wearable apps market? According to Statista, wearable apps generated 19.35 billion dollars in revenue throughout the United States in 2017 and that figure is set to rise beyond 72 billion dollars by 2022. With stats like that, it’s clear that wearable apps are both successful and popular.

Although many associate such software with fitness devices, there are lots of other industries that use them:

Safety: For example, devices you can attach to a child’s schoolbag for safety purposes.
Health and medicine: Such as apps that measure arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation.
Aviation: Such as task recording accuracy apps used by engineers.

When you’re prepared to think outside the box, it’s clear that wearable apps can apply to most industries. Some organizations also like to use them to make field working easier, as well as to streamline data collection.


Why Is App Design Right For You?

At App Design, we offer app design services to businesses around the world. As the most dependable app developers in Ireland, we’re always here to meet our clients’ security, IoT, and CRM needs. Whether you’re a flourishing startup or you’re already booming, our design team is here to meet your software needs. To learn more, call us on +353 (0) 91 393 310 or contact us here

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Our partnership with App Design significantly enhanced operational efficiency. Their expertise, proactive communication, and client-focused approach made the process seamless. The crafted application meets our needs, reflecting their commitment to quality. App Design's attention to detail ensures scalability for future growth. We appreciate their dedication and positive impact on our operations, recommending them for reliable and innovative software solutions.


"App Design designed and built a tailored application for Totalhealth Pharmacies. The user-friendly interface allows customers to effortlessly order and re-order prescriptions, connect with their pharmacist, and access vital offer information. The seamless integration with a web-based system empowers individual Pharmacy Stores to interact with customers. App Design's commitment to delivering a functional and user-centric solution has enhanced the digital capabilities at Totalhealth Pharmacies."

Totalhealth Pharmacies

"App Design successfully integrated Volkswagen Bank with one of the worlds top CRM systems, showcasing their tech expertise in developing custom APIs for a major insurance company. This project underscored App Design's dedication to effective software solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient connection for users navigating the integration."

Volkswagen Bank

"We contacted Colm and the App Design team with the idea to develop a unique iOS enterprise application and web service for both our customers and staff to offer improved transparency in the car rental sector. Colm’s professional approach and ability to understand our objective made for a simple and straightforward process which is clearly reflected in our now integral Hertz Vehicle Pre-Inspection (VPI) app. The level of support received from Colm and the App Design team continues to impress . I would have no hesitation in recommending App Design for your app development and web design needs."

Bryan Goldsmith

"App Designs were great to work with. We set out with Crumlin Children’s hospital to design an App that would help patients with Cystic Fibrosis to better manage their complex treatment on an ongoing basis. We have had a very positive response since we made the App available and we can fully attest to the professionalism of App Design who made this project possible. We are now expanding the App to other CF hospital centres because of patient demand."

Philip Watt – CEO

"We choose App Design due to their in-depth knowledge of App development and experience working with top Irish companies. Their straight talking approach to our project helped us clearly define the objectives of our App and ensure we were delivering the right features to our customers. The OCR technology that App Design provided for our app is second to none, they worked to ensure all cards could be read easily and most importantly accurately by the app. We were delighted with the development and project team at every stage of the project and look forward to our next project together."

Charlie – eCommerce Manager

"We were very impressed with the work Colm and the App Design team have done and invited them to meet with us to explore how best to develop an idea but limit the data to a certain market. Colm’s professional approach and technical knowledge helped progress this idea and his support with the design was a big help. Our company will be happy to use App Design going forward and recommend him to other companies."

Grainne Hogan

"App Design has been an ideal partner that we entrusted to bring our company to the next level…without breaking our budget. Colm and his team have been so supportive and took away a lot of the difficulties we thought we would encounter with App development. If you’re looking for a dedicated team for your project look no further!"

Michael Ferguson – Finance Manager

"Honestly, getting in contact with the guys at App Design was probably one of the best decisions I could have made, it’s very easy for a company to say that they can deliver a product, but to deliver and exceed expectations at every stage is a rare quality and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks again to everyone at the App Design team."

Barry Moroney – Founder

"A professional team and service of the highest standard all across the board. App Design advise and guide you step by step through the entire process, and through their expertise, make the biggest of challenges very manageable and achievable. An A1 service and I look forward to working with the team again in the near future."

Gearoid Mullins – Designer & Owner

"The first step to success was choosing App Design to turn my idea into a reality. They provided concise information and guided me through each process from quotation to delivery. In particular, Jonathon Melling is a great account manager, he reassured and delivered throughout the entire project. Thanks again to all the App Design team, I can’t recommend them enough."

Hilary Moran – Founder

"Prior to working with App Design, I was unsure that the idea would work and nearly gave up on it. Throughout the Process App Design, were on hand to assist with the steep learning curve. There was a lot to learn and a lot of technical terms and jargon to decipher. Overall I found App Design to be very trustworthy and my Project Manager, Ryan, was very decisive and easy to deal with."

Mark O’Donovan – Founder

"App Designs knowledge and understanding of the little & large details is phenomenal. They are experts in what they do and that is to make great apps and their customers happy!"

Bobby Smith – IT Manager

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