Android App

Why You Should Launch a Mobile App for Your Business?


Apps are becoming more and more necessary for companies that want to capture a noticeable section of their market share.


Most people in the world use a cell phone, and roughly half the people in the world, as of 2018, use a smartphone. Businesses know that they need some kind of an app to connect them to customers, but aren’t sure how to create what they need.


The Android app development team at App Design in Galway helps businesses ensure that they get the right app for their needs.

Why Android Design Is Best Left to Professionals?


Developing apps for the Android platform is different than for other platforms because Android is used across so many devices.


With different screen sizes, resolutions, settings, and hardware offerings, designers need to be familiar with how to make sure an app looks exceptional when presented across a wide variety of displays.


Android app design, therefore, is not something a company should attempt on its own. Instead, let the experts at App Design take your concept from an initial idea to a completed, comprehensive product that can give your customers just what they need.

The Android OS is on the Majority of Smartphones


Android smartphones are by far the most popular phones on the market. Companies that do not make sure that their apps are available and working on the Android platform are leaving revenue behind.


There’s so much an app can do to boost a business’s profile: apps get a brand out in front of a customer each time they use their phone. They can digitise reward programs, offering an easier experience for a customer. They can simplify payment options, allowing customers to easily scan a barcode and apply coupons or get points, instead of digging around in a wallet.

Why Is App Design Right For You?


The Android app designers at App Design have years of experience creating high-quality apps that give businesses what they need: a way to connect with customers.


We focus on transparent communication with our analysts and designers to make sure that you and your business get what you are looking for. Contact us today to find out what your company can do with an Android app.