App UI/UX Design

At App Design, we fully understand the importance of an effective user interface. That’s why our developers and designers place significant emphasis on creating applications that are easy to use and pleasant to experience.

November 29, 2023
1 min read

Our Apps Run Well And Are Formed With User Experience in Mind

A major key to gaining and retaining customer app usage is to provide a valuable service that is easy to use and consistently accessible. App developers that cheap out on development simply cannot provide this. At App Design, however, we pride ourselves on well-designed navigational systems and flawless software design.

What is UI?

A mobile app User Interface or UI is how the user interacts with the app including but not limited to: graphics, forms, registration processes, icons, buttons, characters etc. The UI is every element within an app that the user sees and interacts with. The UI is critical as this is what the user sees and interacts with every time.

What is UX?

The User Experience or UX of an app can be equally important as a good UI. An App User Experience (UX) is defined as the various emotional, perceptions, psychological and physical responses, accomplishments and behaviours users experience when interacting with a mobile app.