2. How long does it take to build an app?

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Before a timeline for the app is drafted you will have several discussions with our developers. Meetings and discussions with our developers are required to flesh out key app elements such as graphics/design, app logic/rules and functionality/features to name a few. The developers need to build the mobile app along with the backend of the app, the backend is where the developers keep all the ones, zeros and coding of the app. The development will take place in tandem for all platforms iOS App, Android App and the backend. On the law of averages, developers can build an app from three to nine-plus months depending on the complexity of the app. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say nine months is the max for a developer, the more detailed and complex an app is the longer our developers will need. If you break it down, a “simple app” with minimum functionality contains a basic arrangement of data and stores no information can be developed in two-four months approx. An “average app” incorporates several complex capacities, and has adaptable UI components and animations that can be built by developers within four-six months. A “complex app” Includes many detailed and convoluted functions with an advanced user interface such as a social media style app. A developer team could take more than 9 months depending on the complexity.

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