2. How can I develop an iPhone app?

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Use the proper tools for your system in order to create iOS apps. Although alternative hardware can be used, Macs are the platform of choice for most programmers when creating iOS apps.

Developing iOS apps on a Mac

Download Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment in its most recent iteration for Mac (IDE). The tool you’ll use to create iOS apps is called Xcode. You can design, build, debug, and run your program using Xcode. The iOS software development kit (SDK), compilers, and frameworks are some of these tools. Based on an average of the G2 Xcode reviews, actual users give the program a 4.1-star rating.

Windows-based iOS app development

For Windows, a virtual machine is required in order to create an environment for a different operating system. There, you can download Xcode and macOS.

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