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October 17, 2023
3 min read

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital technology that enables online economic transactions via cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) to happen with guaranteed security. It allows information to be stored everywhere instead of in a single place, so it prevents that information being duplicated. Since blockchain information is never centralized, this means hackers cannot corrupt it because there is no single point for them to break in.

Instead, the record of that information is truly public and is therefore simple to verify. It’s the best example of distributed data and means no more missed transactions or human error.

Blockchain Development

At the Irish based App Design we have a dedicated team of developers who can help your business embrace the benefits of blockchain. Together with team of expert designers, network developers, IOS app developers and Android development team we can offer a product development suite tailored to the specific needs of your company, including:

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
  • Smart Contracts
  • Multichain Development

We can develop these functionalities into your app requirements so you can see how to start using blockchain in your business.

Advantages of Blockchain

Blockchain cuts out the middleman (or bank) to allow B2B transactions without hindrance, so this will reduce your transaction costs, as well as speeding up the whole process compared to traditional banks that rely on time zone restrictions, business hours, and interbank transaction process steps.

Blockchain is also open source, meaning it will continuously evolve within the blockchain community. This creates surveillance within the network and makes it a more secure technology for your business. This decentralized structure also means your data is held everywhere, so even if a breach were successfully made, it could only access a tiny portion of that overall data. And, since no 3rd party institution controls blockchain, the end users and developers are able to collectively steer the evolution of the system.

IOS Blockchain / Android Blockchain / Web Blockchain

Currently, blockchain shows the most promise in its ability to securely lock down financial transactions. International remittances and transfers no longer need to rely on single channels of transmission as offered by financial institutions that are open to hacking.

Instead, blockchain wallet apps that securely manage your identity can be developed to encrypt financial transactions and ensure safe receipt on the other side. This encryption structure means we can say goodbye to the pitfalls of the ‘username/password’ security system that compromise mobile or desktop use and start transacting via a secure web.

How We Can Help You

From concept to delivery, App Design works with you at every step in the journey and will bridge the ‘uncertainty gap’ of the app development business by bringing solid collaborative experience and management to the table.

We can advise how blockchain technology impacts your business, and what a logical solution framework will look like to empower your operations. And with great customer partnership, solid design, and attractive pricing, you will love the App Design difference.