About This Project

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android and Blackberry


Overview: Forget1850 is a directory of alternative landline numbers users can call other than 1850 / 1890

and 0818 numbers company’s typically advertise.

Every time an 1850 / 1890 and some 0818 numbers are called the user is charged for the call. Even if the user has Free minutes remaining on their contract a charge is applied.

1850 / 1890 numbers cannot be called from abroad or using Skype making it impossible for users from overseas to call certain company’s. this is test.












The client required a bespoke Customer Management System developed CMS as they needed to manually add and edit data on a regular basis. Having a Content Management System would allow the client to make the necessary changes themselves reducing both cost and time for future changes.

REST FUL Web-Services Integration, Push Notification, Native Contacts API, Full Text Index Searching