trustTalk24/7 is targeting the Irish market and is aimed at providing help to anyone in suicide crisis or who may be worried about deteriorations in their mental health or the mental health of a friend or loved one. trustTalk24/7 is split into three sections – LetsTalk, WhySoSilent and MindMyMind.

Supported Platforms


LetsTalk focuses on people in suicide crisis and who need to speak to an Accredited Counsellor immediately.
By pressing a call button within the app theuser is directly connected free of charge to an Accredited CONSOLE Counsellor at any time of the day when they feel the need for it.
WhySoSilent asks the user a series of questions if they are worried about themselves or someone else. The questions relate to suicide, depression and anxiety. Based on the answers provided the user may be directed with an option to call or make contact with: the Samaritans, Aware or BodyWhys.

MindMyMind 24/7 delivers daily inspirational messages to the user so they can relate these to their lives and motivate themselves or someone else.


Client required a complex data processing algorithm to be written in addition to a customised Client Management System and Content Management SystemREST FUL Web-Services Integration, Push Notification, Native Contacts API, Full Text Index Searching

Technology Stack