The Table 4 One Networking app is fueling communication among business professionals with their innovative and user-friendly platform. 

Supported Platforms

Table 4 One Project Overview

Table 4 One approached App Design with an innovative solution to an everyday occurrence for business people. Their vision was to connect like-minded professionals together over dinner. Rather than eating alone, this time could be spent networking. 

App Design’s development team turned this vision into reality. A user-friendly app was created which made it easy for professionals to schedule a dinner reservation in their favourite restaurants and accept or reject invitations to join the reservation. The project also included the development of an admin panel, enabling the Table 4 One staff to manage users. Finally, a website was designed to display information about the app and aid Table 4 One’s marketing activities. 


Business meeting, Android and iOS application, landing page website, Map API Integration, XMPP, Laravel, Php, and much more.

Technology Stack