Connection Game


July 31, 2015



About This Project

Supported Platforms: Android

Overview: Connections was the Number ONE selling board-game in the WORLD in the 90’s and is now
available as an app! This highly additive and multiple award winning
game will have you and your family entertained and challenged for years
to come.
The game is suitable for 6 to 96 year olds! Tom McNammara is the games
83 year old creator! Tom decided to rerelease the game as an app and can
testify to the games continued additive qualities and its multi-genrational
appeal to all ages.
Connections has over 51,000 opportunities to win and there is always a winner and
never a stalemate! Games take an average of 1-3 minutes to play.
There are two ways to win: Surround the opposing colour with your chips
or build a line of your colour end to end of the grid. Victory is sweet when
it comes!

Requirement:The client required a bespoke Customer Management System developed CMS as they needed to manually add and edit data on a regular basis. Having a Content Management System would allow the client to make the necessary changes themselves reducing both cost and time for future changes.REST FUL Web-Services Integration, Push Notification, Native Contacts API, Full Text Index Searching