Coillte Access Routes is enhancing the process of site access for industrial users.

Supported Platforms

  • App Design - Coillte Access Routes iPhone App
  • Coillte Website
  • App Design - Coillte Access Routes Web Dashboard

Access Routes Project Overview

For Coillte, maintaining over 440,000 hectares of Ireland’s forests and woodland is no easy task. Prior to contacting App Design, it was a painstakingly slow job for Coillte employees and contractors who had to manually cross-reference the 11,000 separate forest entrance points, when seeking access forest or woodland to carry out maintenance or repair work.Coillte contacted App Design to help them solve this issue and were delighted by the finished product, Coillte Access Routes.

Today, the allows contractors to quickly search, locate and navigate to any of the forest entrance points in a sleek, easy to use app. The biggest benefit of the app to date is the time saved by Coillte contractors operating on these sites.



iOS License Plate Recognition, Barcode and QR Code Scanning, SDK Integration, Annotations, Image Editing, Web Server Integration, API Configuration and incorporated: LAMP, C/ C+, LINUX, PHP and much more.

App Design - Coillte Access Routes App

Technology Stack