CF Ireland Patient Treatment Manager app

The CF Ireland Patient Treatment Manager app, My CF Story, has enabled parents of children with Cystic Fibrosis to manage their children’s complex healthcare daily.

My CF Story Project Overview

For parents with children who have Cystic Fibrosis, managing their complex treatment on an ongoing basis can be an arduous task. CF Ireland along with Crumlin Children’s Hospital came to App Design in the hope that we could make this task easier. My CF Story is the completed iOS and Android app which helps parents to effectively manage their children’s treatment needs, all in one place.

The mobile and tablet app allows the parents of patients to easily keep track of their everyday treatment needs. Information like logging appointment details, medication prescribed and growth and nutrition logging is conveniently stored in one place for the user as well as doctors and nurses, and can be viewed for future reference.

For CF Ireland, users can be managed on the bespoke web dashboard. Today, the success of the app has led to the product to be adopted into other hospitals across Ireland.

My CF Story can be downloaded on the App Store and the Google Play Store today!

App Features

  • CF Ireland My Day
    CF Info
    All History
  • Appointments General
    You Can add more Clinician
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