Outsourcing Your App Development To India

Are you considering Outsourcing Your App Development To India?


We know first hand the pain companies and individuals experience when trying to find a suitable partner to work with in India, China and Pakistan! We have basically worked with so many app developers, coders, programmers, graphic designers, web & network specialists and many more. We heard all the stories and promises made saw all the portfolios of alleged work completed.

Why Outsource Outsourcing Your App Development To India?

If you are considering Outsourcing your App Development to India then you should note the points below

– What time zone does the company work in?

– What hours are their app development team available to work on your app?

– Customers in the US should note a time difference of 9:30 Hours between New York and Delhi, India.

– Customers in the US should note a time difference of 12:30 Hours between New York and Delhi, India.

– There is a 4:30 hour time difference between Dublin and London and Delhi, India.

– What level of English do they have?

– Who will be your point of contact?

– Will you have direct access to communicate directly with the app developer / project manager / senior developer?

– Investigate their portfolio.

– Would it be possible to speak with a previous customer of theirs?

– Check to see if the app / website / project might have been advertised on another development companies website.

– You could consider a trial /test to determine their developers skill set.

Outsourcing an App Development To India, China, Pakistan or any other country where English is not their first language or often the first hurdle many companies experience when trying to accurately convey their web or app requirements.

At App Design we recognised the need for a company to openly facilitate a bridge between East and West allowing customers access the massive pool of legitimate expert India App Developers while providing a level of service both SME’s and Multinationals would expect in Ireland, the UK, the US and elsewhere.

 We understand the gap between services and deliverables received from companies outsourcing directly to India, China etc.

Our team of App & Web Developers were scouted from a variety of companies and now we pride ourselves in our vast talent pool.