Mobile Automatic Number Plate Reader ANPR/ALPR/LPR/OCR

App Design has been at the forefront of Mobile Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) development for iOS and Android mobile devices since 2013 and now develop bespoke projects and license proprietary ANPR tools to businesses and multinationals of all sizes.

Also known as Automatic Licence Plate Reader (ALPR), App Design focus predominantly on mobile IOS ALPR and Android ALPR services for industries within the automotive, security, vehicle management, and finance sectors.

What is ANPR? 

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a handheld or mobile ANPR scanner can be used for a variety of functions. 

For example, Automatic Number Plate Readers are typically used by parking and law enforcement agencies around the world to identify vehicles in violation of traffic regulations such as: no insurance, tax, speeding, average speed camera, etc. 

Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) would typically be used within airports, car parks, motorways for automated toll-collection, transport hubs, as well as security firms to track vehicles entering and exiting a premise.

How ANPR Works? 

An Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) software consists of five components: 

Automatic Number Plate Reader

1) Image Acquisition.  

2) Licence Plate Extraction.  

3) Character Segmentation.  

4) Optical Character Recognition.  

5) Data Access Model.

The App Design Mobile ANPR app development service provides a wide range of services allowing data to be pushed or pulled to and from third party databases with data stored locally for offline use or in the cloud.

App Design currently offers a variety of ANPR libraries with the two most common:

Automatic Library

User simply walks past the registration and the software automatically detects the registration.

Verification Library

Currently the predominant library used in a number of products. In this version the user captures the plate, OCR converts to text and requires the User to Accept or Retake the ANPR result. 


Automatic Library

Verification Library

License Plate Recognition uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on a captured image to detect the license plate of a vehicle.

Projects with ANPR Integration 

At App Design we have already implemented ANPR into various projects including car rental giant Hertz. In developing a customised Vehicle Pre-Inspection App, Licence Plate Recognition was added to manage the fleet of vehicles Hertz managed. Read More… 

With the innovative vehicle appraisal tool, appraisee, App Design deployed Automatic Number Plate Recognition into the app so vehicle information including make, model, year, engine size and NCT expiry could be easily populated into their appraisal process when scanning a number plate. Read More… 

Hertz ANPR Integation

appraisee ANPR Integration

If you are in the market for a Mobile Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR), LPR or ALPR solution using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) click on the contact us button below to arrange a free consultation to discuss options available.