About Us

App Design is an Irish Award Winning App Design and Development company that serve clients from various countries and industries.

Our values are what make us a leading firm in the competitive marketplace we call home. We’ve developed customised software solutions for some of the largest companies in the world and continue to push the boundary in what is possible.


1) We are dedicated team of App Developers in Ireland who create some of the finest Mobile & Web Applications around. Our goal is to create function for clients in a truly valuable way. We understand the Mobile App Ecosystem, and combine that understanding with your own company’s strategic needs and concerns to formulate the perfect end-result.


2) Our Irish office works in tandem with our Indian team to develop and deliver Affordable Mobile App Design & Development apps. Our business model provides for reduced operating costs which we pass on to our customers in the form of the most competitively priced App Design & Development costs in the industry.


3) We take your priorities seriously, and that’s why we encourage direct communication between our developers, analysts, and strategists and your own decision makers. Together, smart and intelligent mobile assessments can be reached that synthesise our expertise with yours.


4) We place tremendous emphasis on creating comprehensive and not just small-scale solutions. Therefore we are there to assist in every stage and element of the App creation experience, from design to release.


5) Information is important to us, and that’s why we showcase metrics and strategic statistical information to help you make decisions in light of relevant app performance information. We can also provide help interpreting the data and patterns so that the information can effectively work for you.


6) Lastly, we take great pride in our sophisticated software platform and the technology we employ.

We are an Irish company founded on the idea that all companies no matter the size of their budget, should be able to deliver a usable, high quality mobile application toothier customers. We have made this mission a reality with our customer service, sophisticated service line, and impressively low costs. There’s only one way to experience it for yourself, and that’s to call App Design today and find out what we can do for you.

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