App Development Delivery

After the App Development phase is complete we move to the App Delivery process, A unique process that has worked exceptionally well for us over the years.


Depending on whether the app is an Enterprise App or regular application have the tools and resources to take care of everything. In the case of an Enterprise App we will work with your internal IT department to ensure a seamless integration with your current operating systems.



We will look after uploading your application on whatever distribution platform you choose including: the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Windows Phone Store etc.

When your app has been designed and developed and you’re totally happy with the finished product, we’ll help you get it out the door and onto the phones of your clientele. We know how App Development delivery systems work and can provide the necessary support and services to get your company’s newest piece of art onto the app marketplaces and into the public’s attention.


We also can also help out with the maintenance of these apps on an ongoing basis should you wish. We are there for you even after the app hits the market. We provide 45 days of After Care Support when the App Development period is over and will be there to fix any bugs or technical issues that might arise.

We make every effort to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied and alway go above and beyond their expectations.