App Development For Business

Everything is in place for you to finally taking the step into your own business, but you don’t have the method to interact with your customers yet. A website is only one piece to the puzzle, but the creation of an app is something far more useful and beneficial.

October 8, 2023
2 min read

But where to begin, what to start first? Here are some of our commonly asked questions and some tips on how to make your business app successful from first launch.

Which platform should I use?

There are numerous platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows etc which your app can be programmed in Native (specifically for that OS) or Hybrid (Used across multiple platforms using one piece of code). Its important to note that Native apps may require different developers as the programming language that is used differs. The Hybrid option allows for one universal language be implemented on multiple platforms.

Do I design as I go?

Not always, mostly you can put down on paper the basic design with a colour scheme/logo to give it some structure. Your design will stay largely the same throughout the process. Your screens and design are developed around the functionality of the app and its purpose. Small UI (User Interface) tweaks may be needed based on feedback and reviews.

Process, what is the process?

There is not specific way to develop any app. Structure, with a clear and well thought out plan will allow for iterative development changes to take place and allow you to see how the app takes shape. Its always very important to review and chart the progress, as feedback to your developer is key.

But what sort of feedback is good feedback?

You can be on the lookout for process deviations, how you expect your users would use the app vs how the app is working. Users behaviour varies and the UX (User Experience) is an important element in app development as this is the feedback you will get from your users. Making how your users navigate through the app is vital for good user experience. This means making sure they understand what they’re doing and the app is informing them on areas that need more explaining.

It’s 2018, what about security?

We’re in an age of massive amounts of data being shared and accessibility is easier than ever but a few simple steps like adding an SSL (Secure Socket Layout) to your domains and keep your server and hosting accounts up to date and active. GDPR & the storing and usage of data also needs to be factored in to any privacy policy and the terms of use for the app.