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The Web summit 2015 kicked off the 3rd of November ’15 and ran for 3 consecutive days. A whopping 42,000 people attended, hundreds and thousands of meetings took place during this short space of time. It is a stunning opportunity for entrepreneurs to network and also to showcase their innovative new products and services.

January 8, 2023
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In recent years the summit offered Dublin an ego boost for the city, a sense of optimism, and a misplaced projection about the wider tapestry of tech in the capital – the European HQs of multi-billion-dollar tech companies that base themselves here to pay less tax, the “vibrant startup scene”, and how the summit made Dublin a destination meeting place for hawking apps and rock star entrepreneurs.

It seems a drastic change will be noticed in the mobile industry with the rising of new platforms in mobile applications. Such expanding capacities of web apps will result in a decline of native apps. No need of comparison between native and web apps. Because native apps will decrease in the market by 2015.

Specifically in the business world, designers will get acquainted about the dangers of native apps and will accept the versatility of mobile apps.

There were some high profile attendees this year in the fashion industry, Liz Bacelar was one to watch out for, She is the founder of Decoded Fashion, ‪@DecodedFashion in NY, UK, Milan & Tokyo. Liz created the world’s largest ‪#FashionTech community. She is a startup advisor & angel investor.

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A new entrant to the market last year is Colin Barret, founder of RagsBox App, which launched on the iTunes and Play store a week prior to the Web Summit.

Their deadly fashion blog, curated in 2015 by the inimitable Nuala Gorham ( focuses on Catwalk, Style, Celebrity Style, Street Fashion Trends and the Creative process behind Fashion Design and creativity. Colin does the business and the app was created by ourselves here at App Design.

I tested this app for weeks on end, watching it improve over the course of months until it was finally ready for market. I have found the user experience to be very enjoyable. The layout is clear like Instagram and the app works very smoothly. Its quite an interactive app as you can chat to other others, like their pictures, rate them and follow your favorites. This app has a couple of extra features, which brings the fashion community closer together such as the blog. This app is a very useful tool for fashionistas across the globe and definitely one to watch out for in the future. You can find Ragsbox on Twitter and Instagram ‪@ragsbox. Its also available to download on the App & Play stores.