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An award-winning Irish mobile app development and design company, Galway based App Design is a leading firm in a competitive marketplace. Developing customised software solutions for organisations worldwide. Startups ,State Agencies and some of the world’s largest enterprises trust us to design and develop their mobile and web applications.



We design first class apps that connect  customers to your brand and ensure their return.



We develop sophisticated, highly functional apps that work seamlessly for you and  your customers.



We deliver a top class service, from app idea to the marketplace we are here to help.

Award Winning
Software Development Company

A team of highly motivated professionals are waiting to get your project up and running. Contact us to get your app design journey under way.

We believe all companies, regardless of budget, can deliver a usable, high-quality mobile application for their customers.

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Software Development consultancy of the Year

  • European Space Agency Awards – 2015

    Regional Winner

  • Music Momentum

    Best New Mobile App
    – October 2019

Research and Development Awards 2022

**** Best App Development Company – ROI ****

“We contacted Colm and the App Design team with the idea to develop a unique iOS enterprise application and web service for both our customers and staff to offer improved transparency in the car rental sector. Colm’s professional approach and ability to understand our objective made for a simple and straightforward process which is clearly reflected in our now integral Hertz Vehicle Pre-Inspection (VPI) app. The level of support received from Colm and the App Design team continues to impress . I would have no hesitation in recommending App Design for your app development and web design needs.”
Bryan – Hertz Rent A Car
“App Designs were great to work with. We set out with Crumlin Children’s hospital to design an App that would help patients with Cystic Fibrosis to better manage their complex treatment on an ongoing basis. We have had a very positive response since we made the App available and we can fully attest to the professionalism of App Design who made this project possible. We are now expanding the App to other CF hospital centres because of patient demand.”
Philip Watt – CEO
“We choose App Design due to their in-depth knowledge of App development and experience working with top Irish companies. Their straight talking approach to our project helped us clearly define the objectives of our App and ensure we were delivering the right features to our customers. The OCR technology that App Design provided for our app is second to none, they worked to ensure all cards could be read easily and most importantly accurately by the app. We were delighted with the development and project team at every stage of the project and look forward to our next project together.”
Charlie – eCommerce Manager
“We were very impressed with the work Colm and the App Design team have done and invited them to meet with us to explore how best to develop an idea but limit the data to a certain market. Colm’s professional approach and technical knowledge helped progress this idea and his support with the design was a big help. Our company will be happy to use App Design going forward and recommend him to other companies.”
Grainne – Coillte
Ballina Credit Union
“App Design has been an ideal partner that we entrusted to bring our company to the next level…without breaking our budget. Colm and his team have been so supportive and took away a lot of the difficulties we thought we would encounter with App development. If you’re looking for a dedicated team for your project look no further!”
Michael Ferguson – Finance Manager
“Honestly, getting in contact with the guys at App Design was probably one of the best decisions I could have made, it’s very easy for a company to say that they can deliver a product, but to deliver and exceed expectations at every stage is a rare quality and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks again to everyone at the App Design team.”
Barry Moroney – Founder
Music Momentum
“A professional team and service of the highest standard all across the board. App Design advise and guide you step by step through the entire process, and through their expertise, make the biggest of challenges very manageable and achievable.
An A1 service and I look forward to working with the team again in the near future.”
Gearoid Mullins – Designer & Owner
“The first step to success was choosing App Design to turn my idea into a reality. They provided concise information and guided me through each process from quotation to delivery. In particular, Jonathon Melling is a great account manager, he reassured and delivered throughout the entire project. Thanks again to all the App Design team, I can’t recommend them enough.”
Hilary Moran – Founder
“Flimbos first employed the services of four years ago and we haven’t looked back since.We have been with them since our first build to now our sixth build of Flimbos. I find’s approach to be more of a partnership approach than a hired contractor “in and out” approach. I personally have developed a strong personal relationship with many of the players at I got lucky when I hired them to build Flimbos.”
Blain Broomfield
GAA PlayUs V2
Prior to working with App Design, I was unsure that the idea would work and nearly gave up on it. Speaking to App Design, however, reignited our faith in the project. Being a new venture, they gave me great value for money.
Throughout the Process App Design, were on hand to assist with the steep learning curve. There was a lot to learn and a lot of technical terms and jargon to decipher.
After completing the project with App Design, the app has started to gain some good traction. Overall I found App Design to be very trustworthy and my Project Manager, Ryan, was very decisive and easy to deal with.
Mark O’Donovan – Founder
App Designs knowledge and understanding of the little & large details is phenomenal. They are experts in what they do and that is to make great apps and their customers happy!
Bobby Smith – IT Manager

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What we do?

App Design are dedicated to creating the best quality web and mobile App Development software for you and your business. Apps are at the core of what we do. Our elite team of expert designers and developers are on hand to guide you through the entire process, offering a full turn-key solution. For low cost, high quality mobile app development & software design solutions, we are amongst the best app developers Ireland has to offer.

Our consultive approach provides impartial strategic advice to help maximise the return from your App Design, ultimately growing your business. If you are a Startup, an Established Business or a Multinational, is here to make your app goal a reality.

What is app design?

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to design an app but now you’re stuck wondering what next or where do I go from here? Well, worry no more because we’ve got you covered! Before we dive into the world of techno-jargon and confusion for the uninitiated, let’s take a moment to ask what is app design? And what is involved in getting started?

If we break things down in very broad layman’s terms, app designers are the ones in charge of making an app look good with all the shiny bells and whistles. These guys design every aspect of what you see within the app, the Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci of the app designing world if you will. Whereas the developers are the ones who connect all the dots and make all the shiny bells and whistles actually work.

App design embodies both the user experience or UX and the user interface or UI, the designers or artists if you will; are tasked with the duty of creating the elegance and style of the app itself - this included but is not limited to the colour scheme, font selection & size, not forgetting the widgets and buttons the User will interact with. So the only question that remains is, where do you start? At the beginning of course.

Without risking biting off more than we can chew, let’s first discuss the different platforms and which you should design your app for. When starting off it’s common to be unsure as to which is the right choice for your purposes, as the saying goes, work with what you know. If you’re using a Samsung, Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, LG, Huawei or almost any brand that isn’t iPhone then design for Android. If you have an iPhone then you will be designing an app for iOS, but what about both you ask? This is called react native app design and as most developers will recommend its best to design the app for both. With a staggering 2.5 billion Android devices and 1.8 billion iOS devices currently active, it is better to hedge one's bets and go for both.

The next app design question you may ask is possibly the most difficult to answer, which company do I partner with to design and develop my app? It is critical to pick a versatile app design company in view of their experience and capacity to adjust the objectives of the application with your business objectives.

I have an idea for an App but I’m not a developer, what next?

1. How much does it cost to make an app?

Differences in app development costs vary massively depending on the nature of the app and functionality involved, so forking out large sums to developers to build your app doesn’t necessarily mean it’s guaranteed to become the next TikTok or Snapchat. It can be quite daunting to know where to start as there are many factors to consider when speaking with developers about your app. The first port of call is to put everything down on paper, the entire app plan laid out in order to give developers a very clear image of your dream. Simply follow the Free Quote toggle and you will have taken your first step with our developers.

2. How long does it take to build an app?

Before a timeline for the app is drafted you will have several discussions with our developers. Meetings and discussions with our developers are required to flesh out key app elements such as graphics/design, app logic/rules and functionality/features to name a few. The developers need to build the mobile app along with the backend of the app, the backend is where the developers keep all the ones, zeros and coding of the app. The development will take place in tandem for all platforms iOS App, Android App and the backend. On the law of averages, developers can build an app from three to nine-plus months depending on the complexity of the app. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say nine months is the max for a developer, the more detailed and complex an app is the longer our developers will need. If you break it down, a “simple app” with minimum functionality contains a basic arrangement of data and stores no information can be developed in two-four months approx. An “average app” incorporates several complex capacities, and has adaptable UI components and animations that can be built by developers within four-six months. A “complex app” Includes many detailed and convoluted functions with an advanced user interface such as a social media style app. A developer team could take more than 9 months depending on the complexity.

3. What’s involved in developing an app?
  1. Research
    First off, the developer needs to sort out how the proposed thoughts can be converted into one functional app. Other than integrating the brand into the design and the functionality, the developer should likewise consider the distinction between how individuals utilize a mobile site and how they utilize an app. Then, the developer and the group likewise need to lay out how the proposed app will work on a given stage and device.
  2. Design & Develop
    When developers mention app design they refer to the layout, display and aesthetics, while building or development references the lines of code and software that runs the app itself. Albeit both the plan and design start from the get-go in the process it must be appropriately done once the research has been finished.
  3. App Builds
    The developer will provide several app builds throughout the different stages of the app project. First off we have a design-build which is a rough, preliminary version of the app based on the graphics created during step 2. These graphics are created on a platform called Adobe XD, which means they are interactive and you can click on buttons to be brought to the next screen and use the graphics just like how you would use an app. The purpose of this build is to give you an idea of how the app will look when developed and gather feedback for any changes, most designers and developers will stress the importance of making graphic changes early on to avoid delays and additional costs to the app.
    Next, we have the staging build the main purpose of this build is to showcase the functionality, features and usability of the app. Staging is where user testing can take place before the developers make the app live, once all features have been added, testing is complete and all bugs are resolved the developer will then move the app from staging to the live environment before uploading to its respective app stores.
  4. Final Testing
    Once the developers have completed all development points both on the app and the backend it moves to Developer QA Testing. Developer QA testing is a crucial step in the development process, here the developers stress testing all platforms of the app for any issues, functionality failures and bugs that may arise. Once Developer QA is satisfied, the staging build of the app is provided to the client for user testing and feedback. This is one of the best methods of discovering any app faults or bugs, as with anything fresh eyes work wonders the developers rely on user testing feedback before moving forward. If any app issues are detected the developers will resolve them at that point as it can become expensive to fix issues later in development.
  5. Make it Live!
    At last, the hard work and efforts of the app developer team and the patience of you the client have come to fruition. Once the developer has all potential issues resolved and everyone is satisfied the app will be submitted for upload before becoming a live app. The app becoming available to the general public is when feedback and well as potential complaints will come pouring in, accordingly the developer should be prepared to address every one of the grievances and resolve what isn't right with the app.
4. How does a free app make money?

An app doesn't get money from the downloads surprisingly, free apps are monetized through different means such as publicizing, in-app buys, sponsorship, offshoot advertising, and affiliate marketing.

Tips for choosing the right App Designers.

5. Survey their portfolio

Perhaps the earliest thing that a business ought to see while contrasting versatile app designers is their portfolio. The portfolio ought to incorporate features of the best versatile application advancement tasks to provide clients with an outline of what the designer is prepared to do and what you can expect when you put resources into an administration.

A portfolio ought to likewise list significant abilities that the designer has, like fantastic U/UV abilities which are fundamental for versatile application advancement. On the off chance that there is still vulnerability subsequent to evaluating the portfolio, ask the engineer for references from past clients.

6. Don’t let price take the steering wheel

Most organizations don't have a boundless measure of cash to spend on custom programming application advancement. Nonetheless, while it is essential to think about a spending plan, a business ought to never pick a mobile app designer in view of cost alone. Recruiting a certified app designer might be a speculation, however great quality can include some significant price points.

Picking an unpracticed or sub-par app designer could bring about issues down the line and the business might even have to re-try the app totally. By picking the ideal individual from the beginning, organizations can keep away from this exorbitant problem and procure a fantastic application the initial time around

7. Consider The Whole Picture

While recruiting an app designer, the eventual outcome might seem like the main component. Notwithstanding, considering the undertaking as a whole is significant. Regardless of whether a portable application engineer can convey a decent last task, the excursion getting to the furthest limit of the cycle might be filled with issues.

Notwithstanding the genuine coding, a decent app designer ought to give great correspondence, focus on the plan and give reports on the advancement of the work. The app design company ought to likewise keep giving updates and fixes to bugs after the send-off of the app.

8. Pick Someone Interested In Your Business

While some app designers center exclusively around the development process itself with little thought to the business or industry, others carve out opportunities to get to truly know the organization. Finding out about the business and its objectives is basic to making an effective versatile app.

Whenever app designers comprehend the business, they can give an imaginative understanding and direction. Also, a designer might have worked with different organizations in similar industries and will frequently realize what works and what doesn't. This experience can be profoundly important during application advancement

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